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The Innovator’s Digest is our roundup of the best articles from around the web for entrepreneurs and innovators. Each month, we send a list of 10-15 articles and blog posts that you need to read.

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The Innovator’s Digest allows me to focus my time on reading the best business and technology articles rather than searching for them. It easily saves me 10 hours a month, and that doesn’t even factor in the stories that I never would have found.

– Ryan Moser, Software Engineer, ThredUp

Subscribing to the Innovator’s Digest is a must-do if you need to effectively leverage your time. As a startup founder and consultant to others, the time saved coupled with the insight gained through this newsletter is indispensable.

– Paul Mederos, Founder,

I trust the Innovator’s Digest to help my startup succeed because every article is relevant and hand-picked for quality. Since I started reading it, I’m spending less time searching for content and more time learning the right stuff. If it’s in the digest, it’s worth reading.

– Elliot Susel, VP of Technology, Taxi Magic