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PCSE Lean Startup

Lean Startup for Nonprofits

Last October, I had the privilege to go back to Wesleyan University as a speaker. I gave a one-hour talk on how lean startup principles can be applied to nonprofits and social ventures. My talk was part of the inaugural speaker series of the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship. Wesleyan has recently made the video […]

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Nonprofits Are Harder

Nonprofits Are Harder

Nonprofit startups face all the challenges nonprofits face, plus all the challenges of for-profit startups. The compounded nature makes it more difficult, not less, to start a successful, lean, and sustainable nonprofit compared to a similar for-profit. One of the key pieces that nonprofit founders frequently forget is that not making a profit doesn’t mean […]

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Is Occupy Wall Street a Lean Nonprofit?

It’s Time for Nonprofits to Get Lean

Want to change the world, but have limited time and money at your disposal? Join the club. You can’t drive change if you pour your heart and soul into an inefficient engine. You need to get lean. Nonprofits and social movements need to learn from the lean methodology, or risk wasting resources and throwing away […]

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