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The session board at Culture Camp 2015

Why Culture Matters and How You Can Change It

This guest post was written by Anitha Pai. Anitha is the co-founder of Tokabee, an education startup that delivers cultural experiences for children to learn about the world. Prior to founding Tokabee, Anitha worked on a range of international development issues including financial literacy programing for the urban poor in India, primary school education programs […]

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How to Find Customers to Interview

First, it bears mentioning that this is a key challenge of starting a new business. If you can’t find interviewees to talk to, you won’t be able to find customers to sell to either. Spend some time to get this right, because it’s not a problem that simply disappears after you validate your market. There […]

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You Can’t Build Culture

Culture: the word comes directly from the Latin cultura, for ‘growing, cultivation’. So why do we insist on talking about designing or building company culture as if it were an architectural achievement? You can’t build culture, but you can grow it. The social expression of culture holds well to the analogy of growing plants. There […]

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Creative Doubt and the Money Function

A friend of mine shared a talk by Jack Conte, of Pomplamoose at XOXO with me (thanks, Harrison!) and I was struck by how much of his talk about being a content creator/entrepreneur is applicable to entrepreneurship more broadly. Creative Doubt Jack talks about the challenge of putting out content, and how when you wait […]

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