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Your Brain is not as Smart as it Thinks

Why should you care about ego risk? Because risks to innovation and new ventures follow the Pareto principle: only 20% of the risks a startup talks or thinks about are ego risks, but ego risks account for 80% of the challenges they face. I’ve talked before about the 3 types of risk in new ventures. While […]

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How to Set your Minimum Success Criteria

When you’re running a lean experiment, one of the key decision points is setting your minimum success criteria: the breakpoint at which you consider the experiment to have validated or invalidated your hypothesis. Make sure you explicitly set the criteria before you run the experiment, and make a record of it. It’s too easy to […]

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Lean + Agile DC: A Summary in Tweets

Storify by Teague Hopkins Wed, Feb 12 2014 13:57:04 Lean + Agile DC 2014 was held Tuesday, February 11. Below is a collection of tweets from the highly successful event. We pulled from hashtags and the feeds of several speakers. If you have great quotes or photos to add, send me a link! Looking forward […]

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The Secrets of Product Management

I’ve had several conversations recently about the nature of product management and the role of product managers. One thing that kept coming to mind was an old post by Martin Eriksson, which defines the product manager as the person who sits at the intersection of UX, Tech, and Business. Eriksson says that the role of […]

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Lean Startup Panel Discussion

Last night I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion with four other lean startup practitioners at the Ballston BID Launchpad in Arlington, VA. The event was organized by Lean Startup Machine, and the five of us will all be mentoring at the upcoming Lean Startup Machine DC on September 20-22. Moderator Teague Hopkins […]

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